2626-34th St

Lubbock, Texas 79410

(806) 791-3080

All of our Officers are Licensed by the Private Security Bureau Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety

To contact us:

Phone: 806-791-3080

Fax: 806-793-3024

Email: sales@southplainssecurity.com

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Private Security Services

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Trade shows/special events

Commercial Security

Mobile Security

Security Patrols

Construction Site Security

Retail Store Security

Loss Prevention

Parking Enforcement

Outdoor Events

Patrol Division


Since 1990, our company has maintained the security and territorial integrity of commercial, residential, and industrial properties.


 Our vast spectrum of private security services centre around one goal: close communication with all our clients, 24/7. We focus on quick response times with a

professionalism rarely matched in the private security



 We are locally owned and operated, which means you do not have to contact the “corporate office” for your needs and concerns.


 Each officer has a minimum standard of security experience or possesses Law Enforcement or Military Experience.

All candidates undergo orientation training classes. 

Supervisory visits for uniform standards, patrol execution & daily on-site maintenance.

Officers are equipped with modern communication

technology including latest two-way radios.


 Our rock-solid services include:


 Mobile security, private investigations, parking enforcement & high-risk area responses, Construction site, industrial park, corporate, retail store & loss prevention security,

Commercial, housing complex, condominium, hospital & shopping mall security, Private parties, special outdoor events, security for trade shows.